Become A CJPAWS Volunteer

CJPAWS relies on volunteers to fill many of the needs at the shelter, and the volunteer program is extremely flexible and rewarding! No matter what your interest in helping CJPAWS, there are likely many things you can find to do!

In order to volunteer at the shelter for the positions listed below,  please complete a volunteer application and participate in a volunteer orientation to familiarize with theCJPAWS animals and their home. This is for the safety of our staff and animals, as well as the safety of our volunteers. For more information on getting started as a volunteer, please visit the Potential Volunteer Information Page!

There always seem to be specific positions we are looking for volunteers to fill. Occasionally these will be one-time positions and sometimes they will be long-term positions. All should be clearly explained below. These are not the only positions we have available for volunteers! These are just some of the specific tasks that we need help with at this time.