Project Description

A little black cat goes with anything!

Victoria is a diamond in the rough! A shiny piece of coal. She is one of the sweetest female kitties you’ll ever meet. Her kittens, Beckham (now Jonesy), Claire and Romeo (now Mack), have already found their forever homes and now it’s their mother’s turn! Black cats are notoriously hard to find homes for, but that’s just silly! They don’t bring bad luck, but they do bring you lots of love!

And that’s exactly what beautiful Ms. Victoria has to give: lots of love! She would be happy as an only cat, with other kitty siblings, or even with dogs! She’s great with men, women, and children, and she isn’t shy about asking for pets.

Please help us give Victoria the home she deserves. She had a very rough start to her life and was one of the many cats rescued from a hoarder house here in Florida. She was tiny, starving, and suffering from two serious hernias while heavily pregnant with three little kittens! Thanks to the kind people at CJPaws, her life was saved and the lives of her kittens!

Through the birth of her three kittens, Victoria has given endless joy to three special families.. could your family be the fourth?