Project Description

Black cats are good luck!

This beautiful, sleek little boy is Soot! He’s posing with his fellow foster kitties to show you what a lover he is. Soot is eight months old and had a very hard start to his life. He was rescued from a hoarder house in Florida with several other kittens, cats, and pregnant females. He was in the house with his brother and they were both terrified and hiding beneath the dresser where they couldn’t be caught.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to catch Soot’s brother.. but we were able to get Soot out of that awful place! And due to his experiences in such a disgusting and painful environment, he’s a little nervous around new people. But his foster mom reports that he sits on the couch with her every time she sits down! He loves to sleep on her legs and curl up next to her. He also loves to be pet! He just needs a little extra understanding in the beginning while he gets used to his new surroundings.

Soot would really benefit from having a kitty brother or sister, as you can see from his glamour shots! He LOVES other kitties and he loves dogs! If you’re in need of a handsome boy to make your home brighter, consider taking home Soot. And if you don’t have a kitty friend at home for him? We have plenty to choose from!

If you’re interested in Soot, please contact us at CJPaws today! Or, if you’d like to foster for us, we’re always in need of loving homes to help our kitties out until they find a furever home!